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John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

11920 East Apache
OK 74116

Tel : +1-918-234-1800

Fax : +1-918-234-2700

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion is a global leader in emissions-control and clean-air combustion systems. We have more installed equipment than any other manufacturer in the industry, including hundreds of refinery installations backed by more than 80 years of proven performance, unrivalled research and development capabilities, and expert service and support.

Our Ultra-low NOx Process Burners and Thermal Oxidizers, Flare and Flare Gas Recovery Systems, and post-combustion cleanup capabilities are industry breakthroughs in emissions control, meeting or exceeding environmental demands in Refineries worldwide without compromising the bottom line.

Process Burners: Our Process Burners are sought not only by end-users, but also by original equipment manufacturers who rely on our proven designs to be an integral part of their own product offerings. We provide a broad range of low NOx, ultra-low NOx and process burner systems to meet ever higher expectations, from stringent air-quality standards to more economical operation with maximum heating performance and efficiency.

Thermal Oxidizers/Incinerators: Proven in thousands of installations globally, our Thermal Oxidation Systems protect the environment by destroying up to 99.9999% of a variety of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Flare Systems: We engineer one of the world’s most advanced Flare Systems to help refineries economically minimize the environmental effects of flaring. Our technologies power three of the most recognized brands in flare systems – JZ®, Kaldair® and Airoil-Flaregas®, setting a new standard for clean, economical combustion by minimizing or eliminating smoke, noise, bright light, and other flaring effects that impact your business.

Flare Gas Recovery: Our Flare Gas Recovery Systems can deliver near 100 percent reduction of normal flaring, limiting flare operation to emergency releases and scheduled maintenance. Captured flare gas can then be reused as valuable fuel or feedstock. Near-zero flaring reduces costly emissions, giving you environmental control with an immediate return on investment.

Post-Combustion Cleanup Capabilities: We have the experience and expertise to custom-engineer an integrated system that includes not only combustion solutions, but post-combustion technologies such as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). We leverage our expertise, along with knowledge of any existing equipment, current and anticipated regulations, target operating costs and more, to identify and design the most effective and efficient emissions solution for your situation.

Research and Development: Continuous innovation is a vital part of our on-going success. We invest heavily in facilities and experts. Our R&D Facilities make up the largest and most advanced testing complex in the industry, allowing us to push innovation, gain expertise and measure performance in a near full-scale industrial setting under real-world conditions.

Service and Support: Our Service and Support experts are available 24/7, worldwide. We offer a vast inventory of parts, and a full range of technical services, equipment training, maintenance programs, retrofits/upgrades and diagnostic support to address virtually any problem, anywhere.

Technical Training: The John Zink InstituteSM provides over 20 accredited courses in technical combustion training for engineers and technicians annually. Over a thousand students a year attend the classroom/hands-on training sessions in Tulsa, Oklahoma or on site in their own company’s plant.