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PROSERNAT, subsidiary of Heurtey Petrochem and part of IFP Group Technologies, is an engineering company specialized in Process Technologies Licensing and Modular Treatment Units supply for the Oil & Gas Industry. Because each project is unique and requires highly reliable and cost effective solutions, we timely deliver since over 40 years, fully guaranteed modular process equipment packages, for all kind of Oil & Gas processing applications.

With its complete portfolio of advanced licensed technologies, PROSERNAT is among the world’s leading gas treatment technologies process licensor. We offer integrated treatment solutions optimized for each specific project, covering an extensive range of applications.

Crude Oil Desalting: Reliable and flexible static technologies for minimal supervision and low maintenance costs handling high water cut and high sediment content for refinery and production field applications.

Natural Gas Dehydration: The widest technological choice including liquid and solid desiccant absorption and liquid hydrate inhibitor injection.

Natural Gas Sweetening: An efficient and reliable sweetening processes portfolio able to treat any sour gas contaminants and to achieve the most severe specifications. AdvAmine™, SPREX®, COSWEET™, HySWEET® and SweetSulf™.

NGL Extraction: A complete offer covering Joule Thomson, mechanical refrigeration, HC and Water Simultaneous Dewpointing (with MEG or MeoH) and improved cold process with Proserpack™ technology.

CO2 Capture: State of the art and advanced post Combustion CO₂ capture in Flue Gases (reliable, safe, no impact on power plant operation)

Sulphur Recovery: AdvaSulf™, global handling of H2S released streams from natural gas treatment and refining units with only one interface to treat all sour effluents. SmartSulf™,

MEG Recovery: PROSERNAT is the exclusive licensor of MEG Regeneration and Reclaiming proprietary process owned by CCR Technologies Ltd., a Canadian company having developed in the 90’s the most cost effective process to purify and reclaim high value chemicals.

Our technologies are backed by a strong investment in Research & Development, with the support of IFP Energies Nouvelles, the world leading R&D organization in the energy areas, and technological partnerships with major players.

An experience of over 450 modular units, both onshore and offshore, allows PROSERNAT to deliver Modular Solutions tailored to meet any client’s specification and projects challenges such as, for instance, harsh climatic conditions, transport or plot area limitations, and minimal shutdown of ongoing operations. PROSERNAT’s modular fabrication expertise extends beyond PROSERNAT’s technological area, covering applications based on other technologies such as oil refinery applications, with technologies licensed by PROSERNAT’s sister company, AXENS.

In all its expertise areas, PROSERNAT offers a full scope of Engineering, procurement, fabrication, After Sales and operational services.