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Advanced customer services by PROSERNAT

For a typical producing facility, a 1 year full time dedicated optimization and preventative maintenance program will cost a mere 5% of a day’s shutdown losses. Certainly a well invested budget for Performance and Productivity guarantees.

Many aging facilities worldwide ...

PROSERNAT company profile

Advanced process solutions for oil and gas treatment - PROSERNAT, subsidiary of Heurtey Petrochem and part of IFP Group Technologies, is an engineering company specialized in Process Technologies Licensing and Modular Treatment Units Supply for the Oil & Gas Industry. Because each ...

SweetSulf™ The high pressure redox desulfurization process

Reaction: Sour gas is contacted with an aqueous redox solution which extracts the H2S and converts it into solid elemental sulphur. Gas separation: Treated gas, free of H2S, is separated from the redox solution. Solid separation: Solid sulphur is filtered under pressure on a cartridge ...

High sulphur recovery at low cost with SmartSulf™

Process Principle: Thermal stage: acid gases are burnt with air to produce sulphur at high temperature thanks to Claus reaction. COS and CS2 hydrolysis: COS and CS2 from the process gases are hydrolyzed at high temperature in the first zone of the SmartSulf™ reactor operating in ...

HySWEET® the best option for mercaptan removal from natural gas

HySWEET® process is a hybrid solvent process developed by TOTAL and licensed by PROSERNAT. The solvent is a blend of alkanolamine and physical solvent diluted with water. The physical component has been selected by TOTAL in order to simultaneously achieve a high level of mercaptan’s ...