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BASF Corporation, Catalysts Division

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For more than 50 years, BASF Catalysts has been pioneering innovative catalyst technologies for the petroleum refining industry. Whether your feedstock is Vacuum Gas Oil, Resid or Canadian Oil Sands, BASF Refining Catalysts has the optimum catalyst for your refinery needs. Distributed Matrix Structures (DMS) technology platform has led to breakthrough performance in profitability for refineries around the globe producing gasoline. Proximal Stable Matrix and Zeolite (Prox-SMZ) is a technology platform that extends similar breakthrough performance in maximizing distillate yields from the FCC unit. FCC Catalysts

As pioneers in developing innovative catalyst technologies for the petroleum refining industry, we have always focused on helping refiners get the most out of their operations. Our wide breadth of cost-effective fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) additives continues our commitment to advancing petroleum refining technologies that improve processes and realize better economics. BASF offers both performance enhancing and environmental compliance additives that provide: LPG olefins and gasoline octane enhancement, Reduction of the regenerator afterburn and CO emissions, Increased gasoline production while decreasing the sulfur yield, Conversion enhancement, Outstanding CO promoters, Excellent reductions of NOx and SOx emissions. FCC Additives

Co-Catalysts have similarities with both Additives and Catalysts, but stand alone as a new category of products available only from BASF Catalysts. Base catalysts determine the performance of the FCC Unit. Additives are added to the base catalyst to promote other chemistry, such as propylene, sulfur reduction, CO Promotion, NOx Reduction, SOx Reduction, etc. Co-Catalysts are added at much higher rates than additives to the base catalyst to rapidly change the core performance of the FCC. Co-Catalysts capture the economic advantage from changing market preferences. They provide a refiner with FCC operational flexibility allowing them to respond in the shortest time to rapid shifts in product values. It allows for profitability optimization far more quickly than reformulating the FCC catalyst. FCC Co-Catalysts

Combining the experience in catalysts and refining process allows BASF Catalysts to create distinct solutions to solve your individual refining needs. Working with you and our technical team, we can design a tailored solution for your company. Examples include low sulfur gasoline and petrochemical integration. FCC Custom Solutions

At BASF Catalysts, our goal is to help our customers meet their operating and profitability objectives in the best possible way. Along with premium product offerings, our commitment to service is a strong component of our customer interaction process. Our Technical Service team, with its vast experience in fluid catalytic cracking chemistry, process design and operational expertise, can create a customized service solution for your refinery. FCC Technical Services