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Bottoms upgrading of FCC resid feedstock

(White Paper) - A refiner chose a new catalyst to improve bottoms upgrading and maximise fuels production from resid feeds.

The fluid catalytic ...


A flexible and innovative solution to temporarily mitigate FCC catalyst losses (ERTC)

In the fluid catalytic cracker (FCC), fluidisation of the catalyst is essential to ensure continuous operation of the unit.


Interpreting FCC equilibrium 
catalyst data

Regular Ecat and fines analysis provides information to support optimum performance from the FCC.


Catalyst technologies for improved FCC yields

Boron based nickel passivation enables refiners to reduce contaminant hydrogen and coke production and improve FCC yields.


Maximising FCC performance and yields with catalyst innovations (ERTC)

BASF analyses equilibrium catalyst (Ecat) and operating data from over 200 units worldwide. These data provide valuable information on refinery conditions ...


Lessons from FCC history

Detailed catalyst data collected over 15 years reveal shifts in FCC yields in response to changing market conditions, and provide a marker for future unit ...


Catalyst trial for maximum conversion FCC (TIA)

Fluidised catalytic cracking (FCC) catalyst technology is continuously innovating, with suppliers introducing a couple of new catalyst technologies to ...