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BASF Corporation, Catalysts Division

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Converter - FCC co-catalyst for activity enhancement

Premium Technology: Based on our novel and commercially proven Distributed Matrix Structures™ (DMS) technology platform, Converter delivers activity enhancement with the added benefit of coke selective bottoms upgrading. Maximum Results by Design: The DMS matrix provides Converter ...

New resid FCC catalyst technology for maximum distillates yield

Recent years have brought a major shift in the world’s fuel demand for gasoline and distillate range (diesel) products. While gasoline consumption has shown only minor increases, the demand for distillates has been very strong; mainly driven by the transportation sector. The outlook ...

NaphthaMax III: flexibility and value in challenging economic times

Refiners the world over are focused on optimizing their operations and employing Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) solutions that help maximize margins. Lower refinery utilization numbers due to current global pressures are challenging refiners’ earnings. Given these conditions and ...

An innovative new technology platform for FCC distillate maximization

BASF has developed an innovative catalytic technology platform for maximizing distillate yields from a fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit. This unique platform, designated Prox-SMZ for Proximal Stable Matrix and Zeolite, combines attributes from both high zeolite and high matrix activity ...

Multi-stage reaction catalysts (MSRC)

BASF has introduced its latest FCC catalyst manufacturing innovation, the MSRC platform. This breakthrough manufacturing development takes advantage of staged reactions with different catalytic attributes much the same way that staged hydrotreating catalyst loading permits different reaction ...