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Increased flexibility and profitability from new hydroprocessing catalyst

A new bulk metal catalyst enables upgrading more difficult feeds and delivering products to meet environmental standards and higher quality levels.


Producing ultra low sulphur gasoline with octane retention

A drop-in catalyst enabled refiners to meet ultra low sulphur gasoline requirements with more severe feedstocks while retaining octane barrels


Kinetic engine drives catalyst development

Development of a NiMo catalyst for medium-to-high and high pressure middle distillates hydrotreating.


The advantages of catalyst accessibility (TIA)

Fluid catalytic cracking is a diffusion limited process; nevertheless, the industry has evolved towards short contact time to minimise thermal cracking ...


Overcoming clean fuels challenges

Improvements in FCC pretreat catalyst systems enable refiners to meet ultra-low sulphur gasoline regulations and increase diesel output.


Testing and experience in FCC 
catalyst selection

Resolving differences between test results and unit experience in FCC 
catalyst selection


Four-stage hydrocracking pretreatment

A four-zone approach to hydrocracking pretreatment catalysis aims for greater flexibility in activity, stability, hydrogen consumption and pressure dr ...