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Rosemount® 3051 pressure products

THE CHALLENGE: Your costs for measurement instrumentation go well beyond the price of the device. While trying to keep your costs down, you still need to work as efficiently and safely as possible. With the capabilities of the Rosemount 3051, you can increase productivity, reduce maintenance, ...

Rosemount® 3051S series of instrumentation

Achieve unparalleled productivity with industry-leading pressure, flow and level solutions. You face more than your share of obstacles when it comes to optimizing your operations.

Your job is a balancing act. Downtime and off-spec product reduce your throughput, while challenges ...

Rosemount® 3051S high static differential pressure transmitter

CHALLENGE: Unconventional oil and gas recovery methods, such as deep water offshore operations and enhanced oil recovery, require process measurement equipment to maintain tight control under extremely harsh conditions. Many of these applications require flow measurements using differential ...

Rosemount™ X-well™ technology

Accurately measure process temperature without a thermowell or process penetration. CHALLENGE: Surface temperature measurement does not provide an accurate or repeatable representation of the internal process temperature. Conversely, while accurate, temperature measurement points using ...

Rosemount™ Twisted Square™ Thermowell

Accurately measure process temperature without compromising safety. CHALLENGE: Thermowells in flow are subjected to dynamic and static
forces that, if not accounted for, could lead to thermowell failure. The ASME PTC 19.3 TW is recognized as the global standard for designing safe ...