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Criterion Catalysts & Technologies

One Shell Plaza
910 Louisiana St
Suite 2900 Houston
Texas 77002

Tel : +1 713 241 3000

Criterion is an international company that supplies Catalysts, process technologies and catalyst services for a wide range of refining applications.

Criterion is a wholly owned subsidiary of CRI/Criterion Inc, which is a part of Shell Group and a major supplier of refining and petrochemical catalysts, processes and know-how. Criterion operates globally but acts locally. Having multiple research & development, manufacturing and technical services facilities spread around the world gives us better insights into local trends and into an individual customer’s situation and provides the means to respond rapidly to each customer’s current and future needs.

Criterion catalysts can be currently found in about 60 of the world’s Hydrocracking units and around 850 hydrotreating units used for a variety of applications. Criterion is also a market leader in catalysts for diesel dewaxing, which is used to reduce the cloud point and improve the cold flow properties. In addition, a large proportion of the ebullated-bed residue upgrading units around the world contain Criterion catalysts, as do the majority of Tail-gas Treating units.

Criterion supplies catalysts for the critical processes that use hydrogen to upgrade and add value to refinery streams and final products. Our portfolio includes hydroprocessing catalysts for a wide variety of applications throughout the refinery, from ultra-low-sulphur diesel (ULSD) production to Tail-gas Treating. We are heavily involved with Hydrocracking, where we provide both feed pretreatment and cracking catalysts. We lead the industry in catalysts that are used for residue upgrading in both fixed- and ebullated-bed reactors.

- Distillate Hydrotreating: Find out about Criterion's distillate hydrotreating application.
- FCC Pretreat: High performance catalyst systems tailored to meet refiner’s operating objectives.
- Grading and Poison Control: Find out about Criterion's grading and poison control application.
- Hydrocraacking: Leading-edge catalysts coupled with outstanding technical service.
- Lube Oils: Catalysts for improved lubricating oil.
- Naphtha: Dealing with the tougher challenges.
- Residue Upgrading: Residue upgrading using fixed-bed hydroconversion.
- Tail-gas Treating : Find out about Criterion's tail-gas treating application.
- Catalyst Services: No matter how good the catalyst, units that do not receive the necessary specialist support can underperform. In our view, catalyst selection is just the start of technical service.
- Technologies : The success of our technology programmes is best illustrated by the fact that new products introduced over the past five years account for most of our catalyst sales.
- Licensed Technologies: With more than 50 years experience developing, manufacturing, and servicing catalysts, Criterion is a leader in technology innovation. We provide a variety of process technologies that can be packaged to create complete, optimized solutions for hydroprocessing challenges.