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XOS is a leading manufacturer of application-specific X-ray analyzers, offering elemental analysis solutions that improve public safety and customer efficiency in industries like Petroleum, Consumer Products, and Environmental Compliance. For petroleum applications, XOS offers portable, lab, and online process analyzers with unrivaled precision at the push of a button. Innovative X-ray Fluorescence technology powers the detection and precision capability of these analyzers. The analyzers’ ease-of-use and reliability enable their operation in tough environments from mobile vans to refineries, plants and pipeline terminals, for Compliance with regulations such as ATSM D2622, D7039, D7536, and D4294. XOS’ Advanced Optics increases precision, speed, and spatial resolution, while decreasing the size, complexity, and cost of the instrument.
Petroleum Resources
Sulfur + Chlorine
- Certifying Sulfur in Automotive Fuels & Monitoring Chlorine for Corrosion Mitigation (Application Note)


- Ultra Low Sulfur Analysis in Liquid Petroleum Products (Application Note)
- S, Ni, V, and Fe analysis of crude oil using HDXRF® (Application Note)
- Impact of the Tier 3 Program (Whitepaper)
- Transmix Reduction with Rapid Sulfur Monitoring (Application Note)
- Understanding the Impact of Tier 3 Regulations (On-Demand Webinar)

- Monitoring Chlorine to Prevent Refinery Corrosion (Application Note)
- Sub-ppm Chloride Monitoring of Hydrocarbons (Application Note)
- Crude Oil Contaminants: Chlorine and the Desalting Process (Article)

Sulfur Analyzers
Sindie +Cl - Sulfur + chlorine analyzer complies with ASTM D2622, D7039, D7536, and SH / T 0842
Sindie ® 7039 - Benchtop sulfur analyzer for petroleum fuels, from ULSD to Crude Oil.
Sindie ® 2622 - Benchtop sulfur analyzer compliant with ASTM D2622 and D7039.
Sindie ® On-The-Go - Portable sulfur analyzer for petroleum fuels, from ULSD to Crude Oil.
Sindie ® On-Line - On-Line sulfur analysis from ULSD to Crude Oil.

Chlorine Analyzers
Clora - Benchtop chlorine analyzer compliant with ASTM D7536.
Clora 2XP - Benchtop chlorine analyzer delivers twice the precision.
Clora Online - Online process chlorine analyzer for refining process control.