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Are you ready for the new ASTM D8252 Ni & V method using XRF?

(White Paper) To meet the increased demand for finished product while consistently improving overall profitability, refineries and terminals are dealing ...


A comparison of chlorine levels in aromatics

Petroleum refining processes have evolved over the years to maximise efficiency and output as crude oils are turned into finished products.


Understanding the effects of silicon contamination

Refiners throughout the petroleum and biofuels industry are taking a closer look at the dangers of silicon in gasoline and ethanol.


Optimise catalyst efficiency by monitoring chlorine levels

Over the years, refineries have fine-tuned their production methods to maximise efficiency while ensuring quality.


Real-time total chlorine monitoring to ensure optimal desalter performance

Chlorides are always present in raw crude oils and their concentrations vary greatly. Depending on origin, transportation methods, and process conditions, ...


The next generation of elemental analysis

With tightening sulphur regulations across the globe, petroleum professionals have the unique challenge of certifying their products as efficiently as ...


Best practices for improved sulphur repeatability

There has been an increased need for quality data as petroleum labs around the globe are tasked with adhering to stricter sulphur regulations.