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Chasing the bias – gasoline matrix matching to improve ASTM D2622 sulphur

(White Paper) - With the implementation of the US EPA Tier III, Euro 5, and upcoming Euro 6 gasoline sulphur regulations (Table 1), there is an increasing ...


Precision comparison between HDXRF® and ICP for Ni, Fe, and V

As petroleum professionals continue to refine their production processes, products such as crude oil can contain higher concentrations of problematic metals ...


Simple lubricant additive package quality control using HDXRF

Professionals in the field of lubrication and tribology are at the forefront of solving many of today’s biggest problems.


Ensure accurate results for sulphur and chlorine analysis in biodiesels

The use of biodiesel is rapidly becoming more popular due to growing trends both inside and outside the petroleum industry.


Precision comparison between ASTM test methods D7039, D2622, and D5453

For many years, professionals in the petroleum industry have faced challenges regarding compliance and quality of product.


A new solution to eliminate centrifuge for sulphur in crude oil analysis

Test methods for measuring sulphur content, like ASTM D4294 and ISO 8754, have become critical for assessing the value of crude oil.


HDXRF vs ICP for nickel and vanadium in crude oil

Technology introduced over the last decade, such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, has led to new sources of light tight oil (LTO).