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CERI Petrochemical Conference

6 - 11 June 2019

Event Description

The Canadian petrochemical sector sits perched on the edge of opportunity as it weighs risks associated with the significant commitment required to make large project dreams a reality. The industry also teeters on the edge of transformational change due to availability of feedstocks, the shifting market, technologically disruptive changes to existing and future processes and products, and ever-more stringent social and environmental expectations. Will access to significant feedstock from the liquids rich Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin alone be enough to provide investors with the confidence they need in a competitive international market? Location, location, location. How are geographical advantages weighed when making FID? Location clearly provides an edge over the competition, but does location make or break the feasibility of a project? How will local consumption of products and the transition from linear to circular economies impact the sector?

Event Organiser

Canadian Energy Research Institute
150, 3512 33 Street NW
T2L 2A6

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