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Opportunity Crudes Conference 2020

19 - 21 October 2020
Houston, TX
United States of America

Event Description

You are cordially invited to be one of our speakers at our biennial meeting. The Opportunity Crudes Conference, has been providing an exceptional forum to address common issues, share experiences, and identify future opportunities that connect colleagues working in refining, midstream, and E&P sectors since 2008.

The theme of the conference is "Making the Grades: Crudes for Fuels & Petrochemicals in Demand"

There are many market events and trends, some of which are described below, making this meeting very timely and valuable for our refining colleagues.
1. Geopolitical tensions, trade wars, the renewed OPEC+ cut, and environmental concerns that turn the crude world upside-down mean crude sourcing and processing must be flexible, but how?
2. Middle East conflicts and sanctions on Iran and Venezuela have forced refiners to diversify crude supplies resulting in shrinking heavy oil discounts and keener competition for medium-sour grades. How does shifting crudes availability affect oil trading/procurement and refining strategies?
3. To enhance export marketability, US light tight/shale oil crudes require stricter quality and clarity in terms of API and other parameters. Can crude blending operators control quality for exports?
4. What is the game plan for global refiners as oil prices linger at lower levels that may dampen US shale oil output and exports?
5. Global refiners' challenges and opportunities after nine months into the IMO-2020 mandate include the direct use of raw crudes in bunker blending, higher light oil prices, and impacts on FCCUs.
6. Industry trends point to rising petrochemical output via refinery-petrochemical integration and crude-to-chemicals. How will it affect refinery processes, e.g. FCC, hydrocracking, bottoms upgrading?
7. Investment interest remains steadfast for "growth" products, i.e. jet fuel, alkylate, asphalt, lubricants?
8. Advances in IoT and analytics continue to aid in refining as well as crude sourcing and blending to make look-alike grades.

Again, we are coordinating this upcoming event with the Crude Oil Quality Association for its fall meeting (Oct. 21 p.m.-Oct. 22) to take advantage of the synergy in tackling pressing industry needs.

If you are interested in joining us and/or have any questions, please contact at your earliest convenience so that we can complete the agenda of the five theme-based sessions, similar to the 2018 event.

The deadline for abstract submissions (via is Jan. 31, 2020.

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