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OpEx MENA 2019

24 - 26 March 2020

Event Description

For organisations involved in highly complex operations including oil, gas, chemicals and aluminium, the goals of attaining a high level of operational excellence and reaching a target of zero accidents, have always been closely intertwined.

In 2020, we will take a close look at safety leadership and management culture, as well as the very latest strategies, systems, tools and digital innovations that are available to support organisations on their OE journey.

As part of the opening ceremony of OPEX MENA 2020, the fourth edition of the Gulf Safety Award will be presented. This prestigious award will celebrate the organisation who has found innovative ways of making lasting improvements to the safety and health of their workers, to the environment and to productivity.

By sharing examples and recognising their achievements, the Gulf Safety Award aims to drive change, promote best practice and demonstrate that achieving excellence in safety is a key milestone in any operational excellence strategy.

Event Organiser

Euro Petroleum Consultants
44 Oxford Drive
Bermondsey Street

Phone : +44 20 7357 8394
Fax : +44 20 7357 8395

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