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Flexible upgrading of heavy feedstocks

Adding tailor-made options for upgrading heavy crudes to existing assets can adapt refineries to changes in market conditions and regulatory demands.


Getting the best out of your hydrocracker unit with new Equiflow® internal reactors (ERTC)

In today’s complex environment, refineries and petrochemical plants around the world are on the lookout for advanced solutions to help them reach operational ...


A broader view to improve 
energy efficiency

A project to improve a FCC unit’s energy efficiency took into account surrounding process units to expand opportunities for saving energy and utilit ...


Axens 2017 industry outlook

In 2016, global growth should fall to 3.1% before rising back up to 3.4% in 2017 according to IMF’s latest estimations. Long-term perspectives in industrialised ...


We are interested in buying new crudes on the spot market (Q&A)

Q - How do we assess the potential side effects of processing them in refinery units?


Revamp cat feed hydrotreaters for flexible yields

Revamping a cat feed hydrotreater to a flexible mild hydrocracker can be the most attractive economic option for adjusting the gasoline to diesel rati ...


HS-FCC for propylene: concept to commercial operation

A FCC process provides a high light olefin yield from a wide variety of feedstocks utilising high severity reaction conditions and a novel down flow reaction ...