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Residue hydrocracking for 
value addition

Chevron Lummus Global worked closely with a private refiner in China to define a processing scheme that would upgrade low value, opportunistic feedstocks ...


Optimising hydroprocessing 
catalyst systems

Flexibility in catalyst technology and processing tactics optimises hydrocracker and ULSD operations to meet diesel and gasoil production targets


Reactor effluent air cooler safety 
through design

Quality-controlled replacement of carbon steel with Duplex 2205 for revamps can increase the service life and reliability of the REAC in the high-pressure ...


Hydroprocessing to maximise refinery profitability

Low-cost changes in catalyst systems can significantly enhance operational flexibility and increase returns on investment


Designing a crude unit heat 
exchanger network

Preheat train design for heavy Canadian crudes can be very challenging, requiring an approach not normally required with other crudes


Catalyst stripper improves FCC unit performance

Stripper internals with improved mass transfer characteristics improve the performance of an FCC unit


Seismic design of structural steel pipe racks

Structural steel pipe racks are structures in petrochemical, chemical and power plants that support pipes, power cables and instrument cable trays. Occasionally, ...