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Lummus Technology's proprietary ethylene process is the most widely applied process for the production of polymer-grade ethylene and propylene. The process is noted for its performance, including product yield and energy efficiency; low investment cost; and operating reliability. Plant ...

Indmax fluid catalytic cracking for maximum olefins

The Indmax Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) process is a breakthrough in FCC technology for converting heavy feeds, including residue, selectively to propylene and other light olefins (ethylene and butylenes). It combines Lummus Technology’s FCC process with the proprietary Indmax(1) ...


Polypropylene is currently one of the fastest growing polymers, with forecasted demand growth higher than GDP for the foreseeable future. Much of this growth is attributed to polypropylene’s ability to displace conventional materials (wood, glass, metal) and other thermoplastics ...

LPG-MAX℠ Dual Reflux C3+ Recovery

Lummus Technology’s proprietary Randall Gas LPGMAX℠ process is a two-tower, turbo-expander, high propane recovery process.This two-tower scheme consists of an absorber and a deethanizer column. This technology rejects essentially all of the ethane, while recovering 99+% of propane ...

E-Gas™ Gasification Technology

The E-Gas™ Gasification Technology has been commercially operated for nearly 30 years, maintaining a state-of-the-art position in the gasification industry. The primary focus of the technology’s development has always been an environmentally superior, safe and highly efficient ...