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Maximising propylene and isobutylene from the FCC

A combination of recent catalyst and additive developments raised a refinery’s output of FCC propylene and isobutylene.


Reducing NOx emissions from an FCC unit (TIA)

Refinery processes account for a considerable share of the overall emissions of air pollutants in Europe. The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) is the ...


Improving FCC unit profitability

Upgrading the FCC catalyst and additive system enabled a refiner to increase olefins production with lower bottoms to coke and no increase in dry gas.


FCC catalyst for maximum propylene

A case study for boosting unit profitability through FCC catalyst selection for propylene maximisation


Upgrading FCC catalyst performance (TIA)

A US refiner processing crude from the Permian Basin, including both sweet (WTI) and sour (WTS) crude oil, underwent a major FCC turnaround in 2014.


Maximising propylene in the FCC unit

Comparative trials with FCC catalyst formulations identified a winner on olefins selectivity and other factors.


Catalyst best practices – lessons from resid FCC units in the Middle East

The Middle East expansion into the refined products market is driving large-scale, highly complex refinery projects. These projects include some of the ...