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Johnson Matthey

115 Eli Whitney Blvd
GA 31408

Tel : +1 732 223 3447

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Johnson Matthey is an international Specialty Chemicals Company that is focused on the development of value added, high technology Products and Services. The Johnson Matthey Process Technologies division, one of five Divisions, is a global supplier of Catalysts and Additives, Licensing Technologies and other services related to the Petrochemical, Syngas, Oil Refining, and Gas Processing Industries.

Within refineries Johnson Matthey’s focus is to improve the profitability, energy efficiency and Environmental Performance of customers’ processes through Hydrogen Catalysts, Purification Solutions, Hydroprocessing Catalysts, Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Additives and Addition Systems, and process optimization and asset improvement services. Johnson Matthey Catalysts and Additives are brought to the market through a range of well-known brands; this includes KATALCOJM, PURASPECJM, HYTREATJM, and INTERCATJM.
KATALCOJM Catalysts are used in the manufacture of Syngas including on-purpose hydrogen. These products are designed to offer outstanding value to customers and assure reliable, robust and energy efficient production of Hydrogen or of Syngas with long Catalyst lives and low byproduct formation.
PURASPECJM absorbents and process technologies provide a simple and effective means of removing undesired impurities from Hydrocarbon Streams. These Products are designed to provide Highly Efficient and cost effective Polishing of low levels of Inorganic Impurities from liquid and gaseous Hydrocarbon Streams. Most commonly the PURASPECJM products will target Impurities such as Hydrogen Sulfide, Organic Sulfur, Chlorides and Mercury.
HYTREATJM Hydroprocessing Catalysts provide a series of well-proven Catalysts which deliver excellent HDS and HDN activity. The HYTREATJM range of products includes a full range of Co-Mo, Ni-Mo, Ni-W and other Multi-Metallic Catalysts.

INTERCATJM FCC Additives offer the refiner the ability to tailor the selectivity of the FCC, boost LPGYield at the expense of LCO and HCO, improve and maintain Catalyst Activity and Selectivities, Decrease Bottoms Yields, and enhance the Environmental Performance of the FCC Unit through the reduction of SOx and NOx Emissions. INTERCATJM Addition Systems provide a safe and reliable means of admitting controlled quantities of Additives and Catalysts to the FCC Unit

CATACELJM, Structured foil-supported catalysts for Steam Reforming that provide Enhanced Heat Transfer and that deliver fuel savings and substantial increases in plant productivity.

To supplement customer resources Johnson Matthey offers through KATALCOJM Performance hydrogen related services ranging from process optimization to asset improvement.  TRACERCO™ provides Specialized Detection, Diagnostic and Measurement Solutions.