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Greatly increase FCC residue processing through simple steps of additive control (ERTC)

With oncoming challenges of IMO and further gaseous emissions control regulations, it is becoming a challenge for refiners in the European area to stay ...


Automating catalyst withdrawal for improved safety

Catalyst withdrawals can be carried out continuously and reliably, minimising operator risk and maintaining the integrity of withdrawal piping.


SOx and NOx emission abatement in the FCC

The complexities of sulphur and nitrogen species formation in the FCC call for tailor made catalyst additive chemistry to limit formation of polluting ...


Close guard against chloride issues (TIA)

Chloride removal monitoring and maintenance associated with the catalytic reformer unit (CRU) has long been a headache within a refinery.


Simplifying hydrogen production

Catalyst systems developed for the purification and reforming sections of the hydrogen plant target significant barriers to efficient production.


Handling mercury in gas processing plants

Advances in the safe treatment and disposal of mercury in gaseous and liquid streams.


FCC additive cuts delta coke (TIA)

In the majority of cases, the most profitable fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units are the ones that are operated consistently against one or more operational ...