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Get 20% more hydrogen than nameplate in your next turnaround

(White Paper) - A foil-supported catalyst meets increased hydrogen demand within a 
normal turnaround.

The International Maritime Organization’s ...


Pre-reformer catalyst in a hydrogen plant

Good operation following recommended practice with technical support highlight the successful performance of a pre-reformer catalyst.


Improvements to water gas shift process

With a growing population supplies of natural resources are under ever-increasing pressure, their sustainable use has never been higher on the agenda.


Meeting increased hydrogen demand (TIA)

Hydrogen is a simple molecule, yet around 70 million t/y are produced today mostly for oil refining and chemical production; and the demand is growing ...


NOx control additives continue to reduce emissions (TIA)

Johnson Matthey’s (JM) NoNOx technology, in conjunction with a non-platinum CO promoter like JM’s COP-NP, can reduce NOx emissions below increasingly ...


FCC metals trapping additive trial (TIA)

The Parkland refinery in Burnaby, British Columbia has consistently high levels of feed metals going to the FCC. In the past, high levels of fresh catalyst ...


Greatly increase FCC residue processing through simple steps of additive control (ERTC)

With oncoming challenges of IMO and further gaseous emissions control regulations, it is becoming a challenge for refiners in the European area to stay ...