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Chemical analysis in amine system operations

The array of contaminants that can disrupt the operation of alkanolamine systems needs to be precisely characterised and analysed


Amine plant corrosion reduced by removal of bicine

Bicine, an amino acid, has been found in numerous amine gas treating systems including tail gas treating units, certain refinery services, and some natural ...


Better alkanolamine system operations through chemical analysis

You can have better operating amine and glycol systems. An alkanolamine acid gas scrubbing system is an elegantly simple concept.


Control of foaming in amine systems

Amine solutions foam. Solution foaming causes plant upsets. It is the disengagement or break time that differentiates normal, desirable froth from undesirable ...


Advances in amine reclaiming

Why there is no excuse for operating a dirty amine system. The benefits of reclaiming amine systems are trumpeted by many and doubted by others.


Hydrocarbon removal from amines demonstrated experience

Bringing amine system contaminants down to low levels has reduced operational problems. Several large operating facilities are now using the latest technology ...


Corrosion and corrosion enhancers in amine systems

Corrosion in alkanolamine gas treating solutions begins with the acid gases, which are the target of the treating, and is enhanced by several physical ...