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Problems in processing discounted crudes Part 1: definition and crude preheat

Project costs must be considered to fully understand whether or not an opportunity crude really does deliver on savings.


How dynamic pressure can affect vacuum column readings

Computational fluid dynamics confirmed field measurements to explain a vacuum unit’s poor quality HVGO and was used to redesign the tower internals


Myth of high cutpoint in dry 
vacuum units

Accurate measures of true boiling point cutpoints are essential to correctly evaluate vacuum unit performance


Troubleshooting refinery equipment with multiphase CFD modelling

Computational fluid dynamics is a useful and increasingly practical tool for improving the design of and increasing the understanding of common process ...


Designing the CDU/VDU for opportunity crudes

New units for processing heavy crudes should not be designed using conventional practices or run length will be short, and product yields and quality ...


Designing a crude unit heat 
exchanger network

Preheat train design for heavy Canadian crudes can be very challenging, requiring an approach not normally required with other crudes


Vacuum unit performance

Inaccurate feed characterisation and process modelling errors are major contributors to poor performance in a vacuum unit as refiners switch to heavier ...