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Designing vacuum units

When designing vacuum units for processing heavy Canadian crudes, reliability costs can be high if the feedstock’s thermal instability is not fully ...


Increasing crude unit preheat

Cost-effective exchanger network solutions need to rely on more than just pinch technology if they are to be successful


Deep-cut vacuum unit design

Process modelling and equipment know-how are needed to design deep-cut vacuum units that operate reliably at high temperature and low pressure


Diesel and VGO recovery

Fundamental design considerations influencing diesel and vacuum gas oil (VGO) recovery when revamping existing or designing grassroots crude units. By ...


An atmospheric crude tower revamp

Overall gas oil yield was maintained with heavier crudes due to a crude tower revamp. The revamp allowed for a crude heater outlet temperature reducti ...


Why vacuum unit fired heaters coke

A description of the internal workings of vacuum heaters and the causes of coke formation within them


Foam control in crude units

Installation of vortex tube clusters in crude unit preflash drums has eliminated foam carry-over, increasing diesel and atmospheric gasoil product yie ...