Number: 57


  • Managing the molecule: an update on 2005


    An overall look at the opportunities for gas-to-liquids projects in Europe as tighter gasoline and diesel specifications loom

  • Hydrocarbon removal from amines demonstrated experience


    Bringing amine system contaminants down to low levels has reduced operational problems. Several large operating facilities are now using the latest technology ...

  • Gamma scanning fractionators


    Gamma scanning is a powerful tool that can be used to determine the cause of flooding and regain column efficiency. Debutaniser capacity and performance ...

  • Identifying very small 
equipment leaks


    Very small leaks in feed/effluent exchangers can be identified using chemical tracing. This online technique can detect leaks as low as 5.0 ppm, avoiding ...

  • Thermal maintenance in delayed cokers


    An engineered approach to line heating avoids plugging in a delayed coker’s residuum lines. Refiners recognise the need for delayed coking to keep up ...

  • Coke protection eliminates skim (TIA)


    For refiners operating a hydrotreating unit, the goal is twofold: minimal downtime and maximum profitability.

  • The power option


    With the market for high sulphur fuel oil under pressure, refiners with delayed cokers can instead opt for higher value power and steam generation.

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