CIS Gas Monetisation

7 - 8 July 2020


Event Description

CIS Gas Monetisation is the 6th annual conference held in Moscow, which focuses on natural gas and the most effective ways of turning it into something much more profitable.
Agenda snapshots:
* Perspectives and development of the regional gas market: whilst Russian production is quite competitive, and companies are ready to build new facilities, difficulties with export infrastructure, funding and technical regulations remain.
* Natural gas and methanol global tendencies: it is projected that by 2025, the demand for methanol will increase by more than 50% up to 122 million tonnes per year. However, is there the potential for raw materials supply in competitive regions? Who is the front-runner?
* New and existing projects in Russia and CIS: Russian companies announce more new methanol projects, but not all pass the test of reality. Will these businesses grow and prosper?
* Transport logistics and infrastructure in gas chemistry: despite the export orientation of the Russian methanol industry, infrastructure restrictions continue to significantly hamper sales.
* Going deeper in the gas-to-chemical value chain: MTO, OCM and metathesis, trends in the Russian segment of formaldehyde

The conference focuses on effective and cost-efficient methods of processing methane into ammonia, urea, methanol, and their derivatives. Conference audience are manufacturers, engineering and technology companies, equipment service providers for the industry. The conference is held in conjunction with the region’s largest 8th annual conference “CIS Petrochemicals”.

Event Organiser

GBC - Global Business Club Ltd
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