MESPON - Middle East SOUR Plant Operations Network Forum 2019

07 - 10 October 2019 (TBA)
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates


Event Description

What is MESPON? The MESPON Forum is an interactive conference aimed at fostering enduring, cooperative relationships between sour gas and sulphur plant operators across the UAE and the Middle East.

Who Should Attend?
Sour gas and sulphur plant operators and maintenance personnel with a common goal of sharing technical knowledge in sour gas treating, sulphur recovery and sulphur product handling.

Operations Network
A forum designed for sharing, learning, brainstorming and collaborating amongst peers and industry experts for the purpose of achieving world-class management of sour gas and sulphur facilities.

• Share your operating experiences through presentations, panel  discussions and break-out discussions.
• Discuss topics ranging from H2S removal to elemental sulphur production, degassing,  forming, handling, and transportation.
• Network with other regional operators, industry professionals and global experts  within the sour gas and sulphur community.
• Discover and collaborate on exciting innovations that will pave the way for the sour gas processing needs of the future at our NEW Sour Gas Innovation Exhibition.
• Keep in touch throughout the year on our online forum.

Event Organiser

UniverSUL Consulting
P.O. Box 109760
Abu Dhabi

Phone : +971 2 645 0141
Fax : +971 2 645 0142

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