Tanks and Terminals 2019: Operations, Maintenance and Integrity

18 - 19 March 2019
United Arab Emirates


Event Description

Tank farms are the warehouse for precious billion of dollars of crude oil, petroleum, petrochemical, hydrocarbon and liquefied natural gas. Thus, having a well maintained storage tank with high safety standards is a top priority for these organisations. The surge of new terminals being built alongside the aging ones in the region has produced stiff competitions within the oil and gas industry. This resulted in terminal operators facing intense pressure in optimising their storage tanks operational efficiency. They are pushed to look for effective ways to prolong storage tank’s life span with various maintenance strategies, inspection methods, also corrosion protection. At the same time, the terminal owners are grappling to find new strategies to maximise the storage capacity at their terminal. The process of maintaining storage tank operations within optimal conditions, while maximising safety, remains sophisticated and complex in nature. Tank maintenance, integrity and safety professionals are constantly on the lookout for any small cause that can result in severe adverse safety implications where the cost can be substantial from monetary and social standpoint.

This conference is designed to cover critical issues surrounding the tanks and terminals management. It will include aspects pertaining to new IMO2020 regulations, tank overfills, corrosion and erosion issues, leakages and emissions, fire safety – detection and prevention, and all those that encircle the safety and integrity of storage tanks. The aim of this conference is set to recognise the changes facing the tanks and terminals industry and adapt these changes into daily processes to speed up tank storage operational efficiency and safety.

Do not miss this opportunity to network with our speakers and fellow industry peers to gain insights on maximising your tank storage integrity and safety while adapting to changes, safeguarding your reputation and staying competitive.

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