Callidus ultra-blue burner (CUBL)

The UOP Callidus Ultra-Blue (CUBL) is rapidly becoming the preferred Ultra-low NOx process burner. An innovative design has been employed which increases the burner’s stability and allows for optimal performance on typical refinery fuel gases and 100% natural gas. The new design also increases the tile exit velocity which enhances fuel/flue gas/air mixing, providing a shorter, “stiffer” flame as compared to other next generation Ultra-low NOx burner designs.

Using our extensive engineering experience and ground breaking innovation, UOP Callidus designed the CUBL to meet our customers’ challenges.

With specific requests and developmental mandates from the industry’s leading companies, the CUBL was created with these distinct advantages:

No special operating needs
• The CUBL does not require start-up lances or special procedures
• Operations are no different than a conventional burner

Able to fit in virtually any application
• Natural draft or forced draft
• Flat flame or round flame
• 2 MM Btu/hr to 45 MM Btu/hr with higher levels possible
• Round flame tile has the smallest diameter of any comparable duty, ultra-low NOx burner available, allowing for retrofits without floor modifications
• Fires — vertical (up or down) or horizontally
• Operates with a wide range of fuels
• Perfect for retrofit of older heaters originally designed for conventional raw gas and premix burners

Extremely Stable
• The CUBL is stable and can achieve 10 to 1 turndowns

Shorter Flame Lengths
• Typical flame length of (1.56 m/MW)

Better NOx Reduction
• 10-20 ppmv are typical without any additional technologies (steam, external flue gas, etc.)
• The CUBL is a highly staged, internal flue gas recirculation burner

Reduced Maintenance
• No metallic flame holders to burn up
• Primary tips are well away from the combustion and cooled by air stream
• Staged tips are shielded by Refractory


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