Sulfur recovery - modular units

Comprimo brings proven experience in application of pre-assembly and modular project delivery in the petroleum industry. Our modular construction experience and capabilities span the project spectrum from concept through construction. We bring experience executing modular projects and working with pre-assembly fabricators across Europe and the rest of the world.
Comprimo routinely performs engineering, design, fabrication, module assembly and construction management for process projects ranging from small, skid-mounted systems to large, multi-module grassroots process facilities. To accomplish these tasks, we draw on the skills and resources of our extensive in-house design capabilities and either in-house or 3rd party’s assembly organizations depending on the project location. Many of our professionals have worked on both off-site and traditionally construction projects. They know how to balance the merits of each design/construction approach. Comprimo is able to offer a wide diversity of services starting from conceptual design through detail to full EPCm services, plus we have experience of supporting our clients to meet the challenge of managing smaller, fast-track opportunities.
The modular construction approach is rapidly gaining support as a means of overcoming traditional field construction issues and problems by addressing the following issues:
- Safety
- Declining site labour productivity
- Reduced labour availability
- Security
- Quality
- Cost
When the site is located in an operating process plant, it dramatically reduces the impact of construction on plant operations. It provides owners with a highly engineered process facility which, while built off-site, retains all critical access features of traditionally constructed with all the acknowledged benefits of off-site assembly.
- Faster Time-to-Market - Shorten Schedule by 10-20%
- Minimize Impact of Site Labour Shortages
- Minimize Impact to Existing Operations by Reducing Peak Manpower up to 50%
- Improve Safety Performance


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