IsoTherming® technology for mild hydrocracking

Maximise distillate production and improve fuel quality, Growing global demand for transportation fuel continues to drive refiners toward operations that maximize hydroprocessing capacity and capability either through unit debottlenecks or new unit construction. More stringent environmental regulations and the processing of cost-advantaged feed stocks that are increasingly sour and heavy make meeting this demand even more challenging. Isotherming® Mild Hydrocracking Technology from DuPont Sustainable Solutions oers many advantages to help reners address these challenges economically.

IsoTherming® Mild Hydrocracking Technology is a commercially proven, distillate selective process for upgrading low value feeds to high value products. This step-change technology also provides an inherently safer, more reliable operating facility with reduced operating expenses and a smaller footprint.

One MHC application, in particular, which has gained the interest of many in the refining industry is Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC) feed pretreating. By reducing the FCC feed sulphur, FCC gasoline post-treating (and the associated octane loss) can often be eliminated. Lowering the basic nitrogen and metal content of the FCC feed also improves FCC catalyst activity, cycle length, as well as FCC gasoline yield. Pre-treating the FCC feed with MHC also provides conversion of heavy hydrocarbons to distillate fuels, potentially helping refiners optimize the refinery product slate and debottleneck FCC operations.

Another MHC application uniquely suited to IsoTherming® Technology is upgrading FCC light cycle oil (LCO). In this application, refiners enjoy significant operational savings and economic benefits by converting heavy, low-value hydrocarbons to diesel products suitable to meet rigorous quality requirements. Refiners around the world have chosen to implement IsoTherming® Technology with commercial success since.


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