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  • CeraLine™ elbows, pipe & spool linings

    Specifically designed for the harsh environments within mining, power generation and other heavy industrial processing industries, Blasch’s new CeraLine family of products exhibits exceptional wear and abrasion resistance which results in unparalleled life. Elbow diameters ranging from ½” up to several feet can be lined with Blasch pre-cast tight tolerance shapes available with engineered joints and smooth bore that eliminates premature wear and interrupted ...

  • Understanding the financial impact of a collapsed flue gas tunnel in your SMR

    The overall influence of tunnels on the flue gas flow in a steam methane reformer has been modeled and documented, and the concept that running a reformer without tunnels can decrease overall efficiency is well understood in the industry. The study detailed in this webinar focuses on the effects of operating a reformer after removing just a single tunnel, leaving the rest in place. The resultant flue gas flow field is analyzed by looking at temperature profiles, residence time ...

  • From hydrogen production to sulphur recovery - let ceramics pave the way

    Learn how to boost the reliability and performance of your hydrogen production and sulphur recovery plants through the deployment of Blasch’s proven ceramic systems. Benefits include: • Higher plant reliability and much longer run-lengths • 60 -90% faster installation times • Capacity increase • Annual energy savings of several hundred thousand dollars for SRUs • Lower emissions   Flue gas tunnels in Steam Methane Reformers warp and fail causing non ...

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