Johnson Matthey announces contract for Qianan LNG plant

Johnson Matthey is pleased to announce that it has entered into a contract for the supply of technology licence, engineering, catalyst and technical services to Qianan HongAo Industrial Trade Co. Ltd to be used for a methanation plant in China.  The plant, to be built in Hebei province, will produce liquefied natural gas (LNG) utilising offgas from Qianan’s coke ovens.

The new plant, expected to be operational in 2015, will use the proprietary CRG methanation process technology from Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies.  CRG technology converts carbon oxides and hydrogen to methane which can then be liquefied to give a valuable energy product. As well as providing a useful extra revenue stream for the coke oven operator,  this technology avoids potential environmental problems as the offgas from the coke ovens might otherwise be simply vented or burnt.

China’s LNG production capacity is growing rapidly to meet increasing domestic energy demand. LNG is a flexible, clean-burning fuel which can contribute to China’s push to improve air quality.

Johnson Matthey is proud to continue its support of the Chinese coke oven industry with its third coke oven gas (COG) to LNG project now secured.  In addition to these plants, CRG technology from Johnson Matthey has been licenced to six coal-based substitute natural gas (SNG) plants in China.  The company has a strong history of supplying CRG technology and catalysts globally and has successfully demonstrated the technology at commercial scale in multiple applications.

For more information, please visit www.jmprotech.com


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