Launch of Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Royal Dutch Shell plc today announced that its affiliates formerly operating under the CRI, Criterion and Shell Global Solutions tradenames will now operate under the new tradename of Shell Catalysts & Technologies for the delivery of catalyst, licensing and technical services for all of its customers worldwide. Together these companies will provide the energy and petrochemical industries with integrated and simpler interfaces, to take advantage of the superior offerings and services delivered across the businesses’ portfolios.

By combining our innovative products, services and people into the rebranded Shell Catalysts & Technologies, we will continue to power progress together to provide more and cleaner energy solutions in a more efficient way,” says Andy Gosse, President Shell Catalysts & Technologies. “We will continue to work closely with our customers to assess their specific needs and to support their overall business goals.”

Shell Catalysts & Technologies provides access to leading technologies including catalysts and process technologies, as well as services and expertise all under one roof. Customers have been informed about the launch of the new organization over the last months to ensure a smooth transition. A new website will be launched today with more detailed information.
For additional information, please visit www.shell.com/CT

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