New SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas CEMS analyzer launched

Servomex has launched the SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas, a high-performance continuous emissions (CEMS) analyzer designed for the measurement of criterion pollutants, greenhouse gases and reference oxygen.

An advanced update to the highly successful SERVOPRO 4900 CEMS analyzer, the 4900 Multigas uses Servomex’s industry-leading digital sensing technologies  for ultra-stable, reliable monitoring of flue gases.

It can be configured with a combination of Paramagnetic, Infrared and Gas Filter Correlation sensors, uniting high-specification monitoring power with a low cost of ownership.

It measures the greenhouse gases CO2, N2O and CH4 with outstanding accuracy and, when matched with a suitable sampling system, is ideal for multiple measurements of the pollutants NO, SO2 and CO, plus O2, all at MCERT/QAL1 certification.

The 4900 Multigas is designed to integrate easily into CEMS systems and cabinets, and is fully backwards compatible with existing 4900 installations, delivering the same key measurements alongside improvements in communications and control.

Contained within a compact, robust next-generation platform, it offers an intuitive, icon-driven color touchscreen which allows for enhanced user interaction and device configuration. It also provides up to four analog inputs, eight digital inputs, 32 alarms and 32 relays.

Digital protocols include RS232/RS485 Modbus and PROFIBUS, with Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP to follow.

The ultra-stable, non-depleting sensing technologies and auto-calibration function ensure minimal maintenance which results in a low lifetime ownership costs, while USB connectivity facilitates easy data logging and software updates.

Charles Segar, Product Manager for Industrial and Trace Analyzers, said: “The new 4900 Multigas is a key component of Servomex’s comprehensive CEMS solution for the market.

“It delivers the range of critical CEMS measurements our customers require, with the stability and reliability they demand. The next-generation platform’s enhanced user interface and advanced communications ensure trusted performance that matches the needs of modern industry.”


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