New Ex-protection certifications for non-electrical devices now available at WEKA

Liquids and gases under control - this is especially true when there is a risk of explosion. Not only electrical equipment can be affected. Non-electrical equipment such as magnetic level indicators (VLI) must also meet explosion protection standards. Until now, non-electrical equipment was exclusively subject to the ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosibles) explosion protection certification system of the European Union (EU).

A new standard for non-electrical equipment has now also been integrated into the IECEx international explosion protection certification system (ISO 80079-36 and ISO 80079-37). ATEX subsequently adapted their standards for non-electrical equipment accordingly.

Two certificates - same standards - new labels
Both ATEX and IECEx are therefore now based on the same adapted standards; both certifications continue to exist.
WEKA is already in possession of both certifications. Since 1st June 2019, all non-electrical equipment has therefore compliant to the new Ex-protection certifications: Both certificates are now noted on the Ex label (refer to illustration); the letter "h" now refers to non-electrical equipment, "c" continues to indicate the protection class.

For the old certificates there is a transitional period until 31st October 2019. After this date, only the new certificates are valid and to be used.

The new Ex-protection certifications place higher demands on the manufacturer. WEKA has therefore implemented the specified adjustments in regards to maximum length and sealing material as well as the obligatory damping spring at the bottom of the magnetic level indicator. Details will be provided by our experts in a personal conversation.


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