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Jiangsu JITRI-Topsoe joint R&D center opens

Over the past 18 months, the Jiangsu JITRI-Topsoe Joint R&D center has been installed at the Xiangcheng municipality. The 5,000 square meter building comprises brand new laboratories, test facilities, meeting rooms and offices.
"We are pleased to officially open this first jointly owned company that JITRI and Suzhou Xiangcheng district has invested in together with an established company. Haldor Topsoe have demonstrated an impressive level of R&D work, and the joint R&D center will be instrumental in fast commercialization of the research to deliver new and valuable solutions that will help Chinese companies advance their businesses and protect the environment," says Mr. Hu Yidong, Party Secretary and Vice President of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute.
The opening of the Jiangsu JITRI-Topsoe Joint R&D Center shows Topsoe’s large engagement in the Chinese market. The joint venture strives to drive industrial development in Suzhou, the Jiangsu Province, and China in general, based on Topsoe’s exceptional insight into catalytic processes and technologies.
“Xiangcheng is very happy to host the Jiangsu JITRI-Topsoe Joint R&D Center. As a community, we are also committed to a cleaner and more energy-efficient future, and the R&D center will support this ambition,” says Mr. Su, Party Secretary of Suzhou High-Speed Railway New Town.
“It is a great day for Haldor Topsoe. We are highly committed to the Chinese market, and the joint R&D center is a large step ahead in getting closer to our Chinese customers and serve them better and faster. Topsoe truly believe scientific and technological partnerships, and through the joint venture we will be able to further advance our commitment towards cleaner and more energy-efficient solutions for the Chinese market. We sincerely look forward to work closer with our strong Chinese partners to realize this great potential,” says Amy Hebert, Deputy CEO of Haldor Topsoe.
Topsoe owns 60% of the joint company, while JITRI and Xiangcheng Suzhou District own 20% each. The overall investment will be 100 million RMB over a five-year period.
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