Hydraulic fracturing - retrofit your existing Thermo system

Does your nuclear density meter come with an 18-month warranty? Berthold’s robust and retrofittable LB 6770 detector is designed specifically to withstand the intense environment found in hydraulic fracturing. Pair with our durable stainless-steel LB 8010 sourceholder and low-activity nuclear source. Or use with your existing Thermo source. It’s your choice. Berthold has been proudly serving the oilfield services industry for over a decade and our FracSENS detector for fracturing and cementing applications is field-proven with hundreds of installations and many years of service.

Optimize you process with Berthold nuclear density meter
Berthold offers nuclear density meters that are specifically designed for use in hydraulic fracturing and cementing applications. The systems are installed on blender trucks, high pressure lines and cementing lines, providing an online measurement of PPA, PPG, density in SPU or solid concentration. Beside the high repeatability, our fracturing systems stand out by their high ruggedness against mechanical shock and vibrations and the low source activities (10 or 20 mCi as a standard).
Committed to hydraulic fracturing
Berthold supplies nuclear densitometers to the fracturing industry for more than 10 years. During that time, we have learned that the fracturing environment is tougher than any other industry – we have also learned how to address these special needs and therefore we offer a complete line of specialized products that exactly meet our customer’s demands in the fracturing industry – no matter if a new system or a retrofitting solution is required. With more than 1000 density systems installed on fracturing applications we have proven our capability to provide the products and service support that this industry deserves.


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