Hydratight repair for water pipeline at Gunvor Petroleum Refinery

On-line pipeline repair specialist, Hydratight, has successfully repaired a buried steel water pipeline at Gunvor Petroleum Antwerpen, a mid-sized refinery in Antwerp and part of the largest integrated petrochemical cluster in Europe. Using proven composite wrap repair technology developed by international adhesive technology firm Henkel, the Hydratight repair provided a quicker and more cost-effective solution than replacing the pipe.
Over time underground corrosion can cause thinning of cooling water pipe walls, a standard pipe change would have been costly and time consuming. Hydratight’s ‘Composite pipe repair system’ provided an alternative solution as well as giving the pipeline section a 20-year life extension. The innovative repair system reinforces, and seals pipes designed for high pressure, temperature and chemical resistance. In total 2 meters of 10” water pipeline was wrapped.
The Hydratight Composite Repair works by wrapping the pipe with several layers of high-strength glass-carbon fibre tape. It was specifically developed to meet the requirements of ISO 21817 and is certified by DNV GL, Lloyds Register and TUV Rheinland.
“The speed of implementation and quality of the Hydratight Composite Repair was excellent. It allowed us to avoid an extended plant downtime and means we can choose when to replace the pipe during a future plant shutdown,” says Luc De Groof, supervisor Gunvor Petroleum Antwerpen. 


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