Axens’ recent successes in Hydrocracking

Hydrocracking is one of the major processes in refining converting, in presence of hydrogen, low-value heavy feedstock into high value clean fuels and saturated naphtha. It contributes greatly to the refinery cash flow and flexibility through the cycles and it is becoming an instrumental process for naphtha production as a premium feedstock for crude to petrochemical complexes.

With its latest 40th reference in high conversion hydrocracking HyK™ and its hydro-processing catalysts manufacturing know-how over 50 years, Axens offers an innovative and complete set of solutions. In the last 7 years, 13 new references were awarded mainly on 2-Stage Hydrocracking configuration positioning Axens as a leader in that field.

Regarding new units coming on stream, 6 Hydrocrackers (HyK™) have started up successfully over the past 2 years with a wide scope of configurations and feedstock type such as:
* 2 full conversion 2-Stage Diesel Hydrocrackers for maximum naphtha production,
* First reference worldwide for a full conversion 2-Stage Hydrocracker processing mainly straight-run vacuum distillate (SRVGO) along with VGO produced by the ebullated-bed residue hydrocracking units and deasphalted oil (DAO) from a SDA unit processing the unconverted residue from the ebullated-bed units,
* 2 full conversion Single-Stage with Recycle Hydrocrackers for maximum middle distillate production,
* 1 Once-Through Hydrocracker for Group III lubes production.
Those latest references include the recent improvement of Axens’ hydrocracking offer by:
* Proposing high-performance catalysts: the Impulse™ deep hydrotreating catalysts and the Craken™ hydrocracking catalysts Series which top performances are recognized by the market with the 100th reference obtained last year
* Providing proprietary reactor internals EquiFlowTM
* Optimizing process scheme
* Improving energy efficiency using Spiral Tube heat exchangers and therefore reducing environmental footprint
* Performing survey and pro-active advice for an efficient operation thanks to Connect’In® digital tool.

“The increased market acceptance of Axens’ complete hydrocracking offer is a clear recognition by the market of our know-how and our technology performance. Continuously developed with an inventive spirit, it responds to refiners’ needs for flexible yield patterns and conversion of increasingly refractory feedstock” said Jacques Rault, Conversion & Clean Fuels Business Line Director, Process Licensing.


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