Axens will supply technology for Alpha-Olefins production to Baltic Chemical Plant

Baltic Chemical plant LLC, JSC RusGazDobycha subsidiary and Axens signed an agreement for the supply of alpha-olefins production technology for a project of construction of a gas chemical complex as part of an ethane-containing gas processing complex on the shore of the Gulf of Finland near Ust-Luga village, Leningrad Region.

With this agreement, Axens will provide AlphaButol® technology for the production of high purity 1-butene by ethylene dimerization and AlphaHexol™ for the production of high purity 1-hexene through ethylene trimerization. 1-butene and 1-hexene are used as co-monomers in the production of various types of polyethylene, including linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE).

1-butene will be produced at two units with a capacity of 60 thousand tons per year each. 1-hexene will be produced at one unit with a capacity of 50 thousand tons per year. Axens' obligations under the agreement include the transfer of the license, the process book, a number of chemicals (catalysts, adsorbents), and proprietary equipment. In addition, according to the contract, training will be provided to the customer's employees and technical support.

“Work on the construction of a gas chemical complex, as part of an ethane-containing gas processing complex, is proceeding according to the schedule. Conclusion of an agreement for the supply of technology for the production of alpha-olefins is the completion of the next significant stage in the project. It is important that together with the license we also get access to Axens' global expertise” said Konstantin Makhov, General Director of "Baltic Chemical Complex" LLC.

“Alpha-olefins are key components for the production of polyethylene grades with added value to the petrochemical chain. Choosing Axens, LLC BCP gets the opportunity to use our strong experience in the field of homogeneous catalysis for the production of 1-butene by dimerizing ethylene using the AlphaButol® technology and targeted 1-hexene by trimerizing ethylene using the AlphaHexol™ technology. Axens is very excited to be part of this world-scale strategic project in Russia”- emphasized Olivier Callebert, Director for Gasoline and Petrochemicals Business Line, Process Licensing at Axens.


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