Lummus awarded contract for one of the world’s largest polypropylene units

Lummus Technology today announced that its Novolen business has been awarded a contract by Hengyi Industries for a large-scale polypropylene unit in Brunei. Lummus’ scope includes the technology license for 1,000 kta polypropylene unit as well as basic design engineering, training and technical services.
“Lummus’ Novolen business is a leading supplier of polypropylene technology, and it is a business that continues to grow,” said Leon de Bruyn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lummus Technology. “Our polypropylene technology portfolio offers the industry’s lowest overall capital and operational costs, while providing our customers with the best range in products, process reliability and flexibility in responding to market needs.”
Hengyi’s unit, at 1,000 kta, is Lummus’ largest polypropylene license to date and will be one of the largest polypropylene units in the world. The unit offers a complete product range and has a clear focus on value-added, high performance grades of polypropylene.

Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH licenses polypropylene technology, including the Novolen ComPPact Process Reactor, and provides related engineering and technical support/advisory services. Novolen also supplies NHP® catalysts for the production of high-performance polypropylene grades and NOVOCENE® metallocene catalyst for the production of special polypropylene grades.


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