PetroChina selects ISOMIX-e® reactor internals

Chevron Lummus Global (CLG) today announced they have been awarded a contract by China's largest oil and gas producer and distributor, PetroChina Company Limited, for the supply of its proprietary ISOMIX-e® reactor internals for two of their RDS units in Liaoning Province.

CLG's high-performance ISOMIX-e® internals will help PetroChina facilitate maximum utilization of catalysts in their RDS reactors due to uniform process distribution and better product yield structure. At the same time, CLG’s state-of-the-art internals will promote safe operations with better reactor temperature management which will increase catalyst life and reduce turnaround times. With this project, PetroChina will avail of the benefits of CLG's high-performance reactor internals, thereby helping them get better product yields and longer run times per catalyst fill.
This win is significant as it enhances CLG's reputation as a supplier of locally fabricated, high-performance reactor internals, bringing significant benefits to regional oil producers.


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