Arturo Puigbo appointed General Manager Merichem Company

Merichem Company announced the appointment of Mr. Arturo Puigbo to the position of General Manager Ecotreat®. Ecotreat® is Merichem’s latest innovation in technology for removing hydrogen sulfide from gas streams. Mr. Puigbo brings over 25 years of experience and an excellent track record for growth in establishing operational excellence in equipment supply organizations for the oil & gas industry.

Prior to joining Merichem, Mr. Puigbo recently served as Vice-President Sales and Technology for Linde Engineering North America – Natural Gas (2017-2020). Prior to Linde, Mr. Puigbo was named the Global Director Midstream/Director Gas Processing and Treating for Cameron/Schlumberger. From 2009-2011, Mr. Puigbo held the position of Director of Engineering with Exterran-Integrated Products.

“I am excited Arturo is returning to the Merichem family” said Kendra Lee, Merichem Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Since he left early in his career, he has become a successful senior executive in the midstream sector with Exterran, Cameron, Schlumberger, and Linde. As Merichem prepares to launch its latest technology offering, I am confident that Arturo’s knowledge and operational excellence will solidify Merichem as the technology of choice for treating H2S in gas streams.”

Mr. Puigbo has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science-Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Additionally, he is an active Board Member of GPA Midstream Association-Midcontinent Chapter.

Merichem is a global leader in full-service sulfur removal, caustic treating and spent caustic treatment technologies. Merichem also provides spent caustic handling services as an alternative to technology solutions. Our reputation stands on principles of proven performance, unsurpassed expertise, and an uncommon commitment to our customers.


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