NEA Group acquired Hytron Energy & Gas

The Brazilian company, based in Sumaré, São Paulo, was founded in 2003 as a spin-off from the University of Campinas and has established itself as a leading solution provider in the field of engineering and system integration for PEM and Alkaline Electrolyzers, Natural Gas and Ethanol Reformers among others.

HYTRON is now adding these important technology competencies to the portfolio of the NEA GROUP. With a history of more than 190 years NEA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of piston and diaphragm compressors. Recent acquisitions and investments support the continuous development of the company from a pure system manufacturer to a diversified full solution provider.

“In addition to the broad expertise in the entire spectrum of renewable energies, we were particularly impressed by the references for their electrolysis systems. The acquisition of HYTRON, enables us to offer our customers a harmonized hydrogen infrastructure, i.e. starting from generation to compression to filling and feeding, from a single source - exactly addressing the needs of the fast growing world market” explained Alexander Peters, Managing Partner of the NEA GROUP.

Worldwide, the hydrogen economy is playing a central role in realizing the transition of the energy system to a low carbon future. With the help of renewable energies, hydrogen makes it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, especially in industrial and mobility applications.

Stefanie Peters, Managing Partner of the NEA GROUP and member of the German National Hydrogen Council, adds: “In our Strategy 2025, we defined at an early stage how we, as a family-owned company, want to help achieve ambitious climate goals. Simultaneously supporting the ramp-up of a hydrogen economy in the national hydrogen council personally and contributing to a climate-neutral future with our own innovative product portfolio marks the cornerstones for the sustainable development of the NEA GROUP."

HYTRON will be integrated into the newly founded division NEA ENERGY SOLUTIONS as an independent company and brand. ARCANUM ENERGY (renewable energy solutions, biogas upgrading solutions) and AE DRIVEN SOLUTIONS (mobility solutions) were recently incorporated into this division. Thus, the broad positioning of this new strategic business unit follows the demand for complete system solutions - now complemented by the new electrolysis competence of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP.


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