Successful operation of Axens’ units and digitalization at the ERC refinery

All Axens’ units of the Egyptian Refining Company (ERC) refinery project are now successfully operating and reaching full production and performances.

The refinery produces Euro 5 refined products, including diesel and jet fuel, for Egyptian local market by processing annually 4.7 million tons of mainly atmospheric residue from the Cairo Oil Refinery Company.

Axens was involved in providing licensing, Process Design Package (PDP), catalysts, proprietary equipment and services for:
- The naphtha Block: a naphtha hydrotreating unit (NHT), a CCR-reforming unit OctanizingTM,
- The distillate Block: a diesel hydrotreating unit Prime-D™,
- A single stage Hydrocracking unit HyK™ with recycle meeting high conversion.

Today, all the units are performing well with the full satisfaction of ERC after a successful commissioning and start-up supported by Axens’ technical services teams. Moreover, units’ performances are optimized thanks to Axens’ Connect’In® digital services.

“ERC is very proud of the fruitful cooperation with Axens in this megaproject to start the production of this state-of-the-art refinery. We, as ERC, are keen to build on this cooperation with Axens by using latest catalysts and to continue with the digital technology Connect’In® that allows close monitoring of the units and opens a direct channel between ERC and Axens’ technical teams,” said Dr. Mohamed Saad, ERC Managing Director.
“Axens is very proud of the trust expressed by ERC following the provision of Axens’ support to operate our technologies in the most efficient way. They demonstrated their confidence in Axens by securing the implementation of Connect’In® digital services which proactively enables the monitoring of Axens units performances,” stated Patrick Sarrazin, Axens’ Process Licensing Global Business Unit Executive Vice-President.


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