Inter Pipeline awards master site services and supply contract to Worley

Worley has been awarded a master site services and supply contract by Inter Pipeline Ltd for its Heartland Petrochemical Complex located in Alberta, Canada.

The Complex is an integrated propane dehydrogenation and polypropylene facility that will convert locally sourced natural gas (propane) into approximately 525,000 tonnes of polypropylene per year. Polypropylene is a diverse plastic known for its strength, durability and heat resistance and also for being recyclable. The polypropylene produced at the Heartland Petrochemical Complex is expected to have a greenhouse gas emissions footprint that is 65% lower than the global average and 35% lower than the North American average.

Under the contract, Worley will provide commissioning support, direct hire maintenance, small capital construction, turnaround, engineering and consulting services at the newly constructed Complex. The term of the contract is three years and the services will be executed by Worley’s team in Canada with support from Worley’s Global Integrated Delivery team.

“We are delighted that Inter Pipeline has chosen Worley to provide services for their Heartland Petrochemical Complex in Canada. The contract compliments Inter Pipeline’s commitment to sustainable practices and operational excellence and Worley’s strategic focus on sustainability and delivering a more sustainable world,” said Chris Ashton, Chief Executive Officer at Worley.


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