Petrojet selects industrial wastewater treatment plant from Nijhuis Saur Industries

The main EPC contractor Petrojet has awarded the Engineering, Manufacturing and Procurement order to supply the industrial wastewater treatment plant for the new ANOPC hydrocracking complex in Egypt.

The leading regional full-service construction group Petrojet has awarded Nijhuis Saur Industries the prestigious engineering and procurement order to supply the wastewater treatment package at the new hydrocracking complex of ANOPC in Assiut, Egypt. The start-up of this state-of-the-art water treatment facility is expected in 2023, and will not only meet the stringent effluent discharge limits of the authorities in Egypt, but will also mitigate water scarcity by reusing water in the production process.
Smart water-use to build a more resilient, sustainable, and inclusive future
Whilst the new hydrocracking complex plays an important role in international business and employment, the world’s most precious resource, water, plays an indispensable role in the production of the high-value products. To provide ‘water-on-demand’, to minimise the impact of using intake water from the Nile, and to minimise any subsequent discharge, the additional zero-liquid-discharge (ZLD) equipment closes the water loop and meets Nijhuis Saur Industries’ policy to ‘reduce, reuse and recover’.

Menno M. Holterman, President and CEO of Nijhuis Saur Industries stated that: “For thousands of years the river Nile has been Egypt’s primary source of drinking water, and has also been a natural source of water to the country’s industrial and agricultural sectors. Our team has been challenged to design a real showcase for Egypt, enabling them to produce highly valuable energy products, whilst minimizing the use of water, avoiding the discharge of pollutants to the river Nile, reducing the impact on the environment, and all whilst adapting to the harsh Egyptian weather conditions.
Since Egypt has been suffering from severe water scarcity in recent years, it is one of the country’s top priorities to protect their natural water resources and conserve water. Thanks to smart and state-of-the-art design, the new industrial water plant will be an example of how water and petroleum are closely linked, while promoting sustainable water use.”
Closing the water loop and #StandForWater
The new wastewater plant will treat several water streams, such as cooling tower blow-down, oily water effluent, spent caustic effluent, and sanitary water. The process flow consists of a number of proven Nijhuis Saur Industries technologies, and starts with treating the wastewater via API separation units and primary equalization. This will then be followed by a coagulation/flocculation and DAF process.
The secondary treatment consists of biological tanks with activated sludge. The final polishing step before the clean water enters the ZLD plant consists of both sand and carbon filtration. The sludge generated from the different process steps is collected, and will be treated with a sludge dewatering system. Finally, the concentrated spent caustic effluent stream will have a specialized pre-treatment installation to reduce the high COD. By oxidising all reactive sulphur compounds, this enables it to become biodegradable for further treatment.
In this very important project, Petrojet will act as the main EPC contractor. Nijhuis Saur Industries, supported by its trusted Egyptian business development partner Bahadii Group, has been selected as the best industrial water treatment technology-package supplier, will deliver the complete engineering, manufacturing, procurement and transportation of the technology, instrumentation and electrical supply package. Nijhuis Saur Industries will also provide supervision to Petrojet during installation and commissioning.


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