Decarbonization with hydrogen solutions

(Webinar) - Demand for hydrogen is expected to increase up to ten-fold by 2050 when multiple industry reports predict 8-24% of the world’s final energy demand will be supplied by hydrogen. Hydrogen has a unique ability to address ‘hard-to-decarbonize’ sectors including refining, chemicals, steel, heating, long-haul transport, and long-term power storage – all of which currently produce significant CO2 emissions. To achieve this, hydrogen must be produced with significantly lower carbon intensity than is practiced today.
Join us to learn how customized and integrated carbon capture and hydrogen purification technology can offer:
 •  The most cost-effective and proven routes to low carbon intensity hydrogen available today for both new and existing assets
•  CO2 recovery rates of 99%+
•  Tailored results to meet required H2 and CO2 purity requirements
•  Single unit separation and liquefaction
•  Solvent-free options with a smaller footprint

William J. Blasko
Senior Offering Manager, Hydrogen
Honeywell UOP

Ken Molay

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