JGC awarded feasibility study for the introduction green growth in Azerbaijan

JGC Holdings Corporation announces that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has selected JGC Corporation and JGC Japan Corporation to carry out a"Feasibility study on an infrastructure project for the introduction of green hydrogen and ammonia linked to the realization of green growth in Azerbaijan", jointly proposed by the two companies as part of METI's"Feasibility studies for the overseas deployment of high-quality energy infrastructure.

This project aims to conduct a feasibility study on the development of facilities and infrastructure for the production of green hydrogen and ammonia through the use of solar and wind power for the Republic of Azerbaijan using Japanese technology and expertise, and to formulate a roadmap for the future large-scale production of green ammonia for power generation and export and for the development of related infrastructure.

Azerbaijan's national priorities for"Economic and social development towards 2030", which were formulated in February this year, include "Achieving a clean environment and green growth".

Azerbaijan has good wind and sunshine conditions in many places, including the west coast of the Caspian Sea, making it an ideal location for wind and solar power generation, as well as being geographically close to Europe, the Middle East and Russia. In addition, the country has an existing ammonia plant and a domestic transport infrastructure for fertiliser, making it a potential location for future green hydrogen and ammonia projects.

The project reflects the policy of the Government of Azerbaijan to develop and present a roadmap for the future large-scale production of green ammonia, and is in line with the policy of "promoting infrastructure exports guided by a policy of decarbonisation" set out in the "Strategy for Overseas Development of Infrastructure Systems 2025" decided by the Government of Japan.

Through this project, the Group will contribute to the use of green energy and the creation of a green energy industry in the country by utilizing Japan's excellent decarbonisation technologies and business solutions.

In May this year, JGC Group formulated its long-term management vision, the "2040 Vision", in which "Enhancing planetary health" is set out as the Group's purpose. The field of hydrogen and fuel ammonia is one that we expect to be a future growth engine in our medium-term management plan, and we plan to contribute to the implementation of "green hydrogen and fuel ammonia" in society.


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