Lummus Technology launches next generation of FCC feed injectors

Lummus Technology announced the launch of its Micro-JetTM Flex feed injectors, a new technological upgrade for fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) systems. This next generation FCC feed injector provides a host of performance benefits, including lowering pressure drop, reducing droplet size, accelerating feed vaporization and increasing a unit’s range of operation.

“Refiners are consistently looking for improved performance and ease of serviceability, while minimizing operational issues such as erosion and mechanical deficiencies,” said Todd Vogt, Vice President and Managing Director, Refining and Gas Processing, Lummus Technology. “When we designed the Micro-JetTM Flex system, we focused on how to reduce or eliminate these roadblocks, while improving operators’ yields and minimizing operational challenges. We are excited to launch this innovative product and implement it at our customers’ facilities around the world.”


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